Clubs & Associations

Santhigiri College

Extra-curricular activities are necessary for the total development of the students. Various Groups/Cells of students are formed in the college for this purpose. They shall organize programs with the guidance of the staff representatives. Each Group has the opportunity to prove their creativity, enthusiasm and excellence.

Jesus Youth

Jesus Youth is a unit of the international Jesus Youth organization aimed to motivate the youth to witness Jesus Christ through prayer, social and cultural activities. Today we are living at the beginning of the 21st century. Each moment, the society which we belong is subject to changes implicitly or explicitly. When the countries all over the world are competing to become the world leaders in all aspects, naturally the process of changes happening in the society will be a never ending phenomenon. Its after effects is the total demoralization of the society and the loss of social, ethical and cultural values.

Jesus Youth is a group of youngsters who are not just concentrating on prayers and studies, but the total renovation of the society. The function of the Jesus Youth is to bring other youngsters into Jesus by understanding and putting into practice the life and ideas of Jesus Christ. Anybody irrespective of religion, caste or creed can actively participate in the program. We are much delighted that our college has a fervour-filled Jesus Youth group functioning.

Wednesday Prayer Meeting : Prayer meetings are conducted on all Wednesdays under the leadership of the Jesus Youth Group.

Film Club

Visual media has gained deep influence in the life of the people, especially the young minds. To explore and educate our students, we have started film club. This club plan to produce short films every year, creating opportunities for our students and staff... The first short film with the name "Indulekha Ormapeduthunnathu" was released this year. The Department of Social Work of the college and our MSW students pioneered this program.

Career Guidance & Placement Cell

There is a Placement Officer in the college to organize the entire placement programmes of the students. Career guidance and Placement Cell (CGPC) plays a key role in counselling and guiding the students of our college for their successful career placement which is a crucial interface between the stages of completion of academic programs of the students and their entry into suitable employment. This cell also coordinates various activities related to the career of the students along with the industrial training. They take steps to conduct placement programmes in our college and send the students for recruitments to various companies and placement drives conducted at various centres. Every year a number of students get placed in various companies.

Holy Mass

We celebrate Holy Mass on the First Fridays. All the Christian students are obliged to participate in this Eucharistic Celebration.

Annual Retreat

Annual Retreat is conducted every year. It offers the students special occasion for their spiritual renewal and to enkindle their religious lives.

Industrial Relation Cell

This is a group to interact with the industries. This interaction with the industries will help us for industry visits, to invite industrialists for seminars and talks and for future placements. The aim of the cell is to develop industrial relations through students and to give the students an exposure of software industry. This cell organizes awareness generation programmes among the students about the present industrial scenario and the challenges the industry poses before the IT students.

TICSAS and Enrichment Cell

This Group will organize college level Presentations, Quiz programs and such other Enrichment programs useful for the overall academic excellence of the students.

Skill Test Cell

They organize programmes to give the students training in Skill Tests and to explore the depth of their knowledge. This cell aims to equip the students to face the challenges in the future placement field. The Cell conducts skill tests in various academic subjects, logical reasoning, puzzles, problem solving, programming etc.

Social Awareness Cell

This Cell has the task to organize exposure programs for the generation of social awareness among the students.


NSS is a well-knitted social platform in the college to promote social sensitivity. It will involve in social service programmes in and outside the college. Rural Campus, Social awareness activities, Intercollegiate programmes and the like are areas of NSS cell.

Nature Club

Nature is divine and environmental protection is of prime importance today. The Nature Club will involve in creating a nature-friendly campus, highlight environmental issues and teach us to love nature.

Arts and Sports Club

In the weariness of the world of study some entertainment is necessary for the refreshment of the minds of students. After refreshing their mind they can indulge in their studies with more enthusiasm. The Club organizes various arts and sports events and competitions in the College. As education makes the life complete and meaningful, arts and sporting activities makes the life beautiful and comfortable. The purpose of this club in our college is to bring out the hidden talents of our students in the field of arts and sports.


Parent - Teacher Association (PTA) is functioning in the college. PTA plays a vital role in the growth and development of the college. All Parents are requested to attend the Parent-Teacher meetings without fail. Parents shall meet the Principal and Teachers at least once in a year and as and when requested. This is an opportunity for the parents to evaluate the study and conduct of their children.

Our Results

Usually we have 100% pass in the University examinations.